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COL437: Old School Bears Online

On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by a robed Hadrian to talk about the good ole days of bears online. From sneaking onto erotic newsgroups to the dating apps of today, the cubs take a nostalgic trip through the history of a bear’s online life.  Plus we go on a bit of a tangent about supporting bear services and content.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: The Usual
  • Chester: Driving for Ubear Eats
  • Gary: one of those weeks
  • Hadrian: Work and Western Exposure


Facebook Likes:

  • Brian Clarke

Facebook Comment/Post:

  • Paul Allen Hobby: RE:COL436: Smokin in the Bear’s Dean: Love this episode. I smoke pipes, cigars, and cigarettes and will absolutely say cigars and pipes are for taste, smell, relaxation, and socializing, cigarettes are pure compulsion.

Tumblr Followers:

Weekly Topic

Dating Sites of Yore:

  • Bearnet.net
  • Bearbook/Bruizr
  • BearCiti
  • Gay.com “Bear Room”
  • Newsgroups

Dating Sites of Current:

  • Bear411
  • BearWWW
  • BearForest
  • Squirt

Dating Sites that appear to be Rolling with the Times:

  • BiggerCity
  • Chasabl/Grommr
  • HeftyNet
  • BearUnderground

Modernization of Bears Online:

  • Facebook Groups

Dating Apps

  • GROWLr
  • Scruff

Cruising Apps

  • (defunct) Mobli
  • W Bear
  • Instagram


  • Tumblr


Cooldown Topics

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COL410: Underbears Podcast Crossover at DF13

In this episode Cubs Out Loud, Chester and Gary take an hour during their time at Drenched Fur 13 to join Dave and Jason from The Underbears Podcast for a repeat crossover episode. Plus they’re joined by Brady and Ray, current and previous titleholders from the North American Bear Weekend. Listen in as they discuss getting caught by their Moms, Tumblr posts, winning titles, and more.

Weekly Topic

  • Two podcasts join forces on camera to discuss their experiences at Drenched Fur 13 in Erie, PA
  • Last crossover episode was Underbears Podcast Episode 21

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COL280: LTAS – Digital Release

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we have a special episode with the incredibly tasty Hadrian McQuiag and the ever enjoyable Gabe Majors. We brought together members of our COL family to discuss what technology we use today for some uhh… stress relief.

Weekly Topic
LTAS: Digital Release; using apps/websites etc for personal enjoyment

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COL261: The Hefty Googbook Underground

BearGroupPeaceAbstr_544057192In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys talk about the MANY social groups they are a part of, both on Facebook and Google+ and elsewhere. The guys discuss the relevance of the groups and what makes them unique. Also, there’s something called the “grapefruit technique”?


BU Group: Wolfire1

  1. Ryan Hill-Withers
  2. Jose Escoto
  3. Rene Amador
  4. La Gata Omayra
  5. Daniel Morneau
  6. Hugo Basson
  7. Markus Baerhh
  8. Dag Nilsen
  9. Spencer Burt
  10. Nick Dj-Tsunami Wyatt
  11. الملك الدب [Bear King]
  12. Paul Erickson
  13. Jeff Fontenot
  14. Corey Smith
  15. Gary Capone
  16. Neal Phipps
  17. Bryan Peters
  18. Rob Tbru Meade
  19. The-Certified Don
  20. Lee Harding
  21. Rex Wesley
  22. Eduardo Diaz
  23. J Barrick Lawson
  24. Gerald Gibbs
  25. Pony Dave Studli
  26. John Wass Rock
  27. Richard Braxton

Weekly Topic
Social Groups: Facebook, Google+, etc.

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The Mobile Bear: Bear411

If you watch the most wanted gadgets on Tom’s Top 5 or the most popular gadgets on CNET’s Top 5, you will find that the most popular items to have or want is a smartphone.  Android is everywhere but the iPhone is still on top.  What’s a bear to do with these phones?  There’s of course Grindr and the new Scruff App but that’s not available on all phones.  When in doubt, it’s always good to hit up the web on these phones and access the bear site that you’re already on.

Most bears are already on Bear411.  Fortunately Buddybear Greg has graciously provided for this members a mobile version of the site.  Let’s take a look at what it looks like on both an Android and iPhone.

CAP201007291353 IMG_0001

Hmm, okay, so we have to hit mobile.bear411.com to get to the mobile version of the site. Or you could just browse directly there.

CAP201007291351 IMG_0002

Okay got the login, nice and simple.  It’s looking a little antiquated but hey, its perfectly functional despite it’s Web 1.0 look.  Time to log in.

CAP2010072913511 IMG_0006

Again, simple yet functional.

CAP2010072913551 IMG_0003

Oh look!

Mr. Kim: You got a message.
Korben Dallas: Yeah
Mr. Kim: You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.

Oh sure.

CAP201007291356 IMG_0004

Hey, this looks familiar.  Well, it’s not the bottom that keeps thinking about me.  This looks like the regular Bear411 Chat box without Webcam image ability.  Well, I’m going to shoot him a message back with an emoticon.

CAP2010072913561 IMG_0005

The emoticon windows looked to be handled differently between Android (left) and the iPhone (right).  I’m actually liking the iPhone handling better.  Let’s check out our Pal Lists

CAP201007291355 IMG_0007

You can switch between your online, offline, and refused contacts. And below that you have images of people who have recently viewed your profile.  Let’s check out who’s online.

CAP201007291358 photo

Hmm, I can see more men on the iPhone verses Android.

In the end Bear411 Mobile is a very functional version of the site for chat.  However, there isn’t anyway to take a look at someone’s profile.  All you can do is send them a chat message.  I’ll just give it a Meh, it’s alright but not attractive at all.  Come on, Greg!  Bring the site into the 2010’s and show us an attractive site.  Either that, or quit.

Okay, I have two questions, 1) Who uses the notes feature on Bear411?  Leave a comment.

CAP201007291357 IMG_0008

and 2) What do you think of the Bear411 Mobile Site?