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COL364: Gary & Damon’s Excellent Adventures

COL364In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys get back together to discuss the trips that Gary and Damon went on recently. Damon’s trip took him to Detroit for a nerd convention and Gary went to see a band, a TV host, and a bunch of leathermen and women.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Diablo and More Pokemon
  • Damon: Kiltin’ It Up/Phone Woes
  • Gary: Happy Mama’s Day!




  • Chester Beltowski: One word… “Muggle.”
    • Gary: #hater
    • Chester Beltowski: *cough* show topic *cough*

Re: COL363

  • AJ Lewis: Was this the article you guys were talking about? Racism in the bear community- More prevalent than ever
    • Gary: That’s the one AJ. We linked on the podcast website for folks to click thru and read if they wanted. smile emoticon
  • RJ: Great episode…and i applaud you guys taking on some of the “untold” truths and issues within the community..keep up the good work as always…HUGS fellas
  • Don Collymore: I loved this last podcast. Bravo for daring to talk about racism in the Bear Community. I know someone ask if their si a group talking about this subject. There actually a Bear Podcast that does that. Male Media Mind Podcast is one that I listen to. A podcast for “is a blog that harnesses the collective creativity of nerdy black bears. ” They cover very thought provoking subjects and have great conversations on these subjects. Perhaps you could contact them and have a joint podcast on these topics.




  • Tony Bossaller: Awesome. Was fun to have been there for a few segments. (I was Mr Shoulder.)

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WTF have we been doing away from home?!?

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