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COL221: I Tumbl for Ya

tumblr_meiu14n8eD1rxd3w1o1_1280On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys take on the massive time sink that is Tumblr. We talk about how we discovered it, what we like and don’t like, and where we think it might be going. So, click on your dashboard and prepare to be assimilated COL 220 starts now.

WTF: Russia


  • From the Cubs Out Loud Group: From CubCake76:

In Episode 219, Damon commented about a video describing the USA-Canada border. The youtuber is C.G.P. Grey and he has lots of videos along that line where he describes weird anomalies throughout the world. I have been listening to him for about two years, my favorite video is him explaining the British Empire and the difference between England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom.

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Weekly Topic
Discuss how Tumblr has changed our lives and become a massive time suck; how we found it, how we use it, what we expect from it in the future.

I’ll Tumbl For Ya

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Getting It Together

As we gradually get everything together to create the Cubs Out Loud Podcast, I thought I’d run you all what we’re doing.

We decided that it would take more equipment and be much more expensive if we tried a recording all in the same place. The show would sound much better if we recorded over Skype using USB headsets. So that was the first purchase.

Tim went on a search the other day and found the
Plantronics .Audio™ 470 USB Headset

Plantronics .Audio™ 470 USB Headset

and John and I ordered the Plantronics .Audio 400 DSP Foldable PC Headset

Plantronics .Audio 400 DSP Foldable PC Headset

Next, we downloaded Skype and Tim and I started testing it out. I don’t have my headset yet but I did have something to try with it. Well, we’re still working on getting Tim’s working right and I’m sure that John and I will have to do the same thing when we gets ours.

Headsets, Check
Skype, Check
Recording Solution, hmm, after much deliberation I ended up getting Übercaster.

I tried getting Garageband set up to record Skype but I was having too many problems and I had a coupon code for 10% off Übercaster but it expired on 12/31/07 so I had to make a decision. I’m happy with my decision as it’s easy as pie to get the cast recorded through Übercaster. I can’t wait for us all to have our headsets, have a successful Skype conference, and make a successful recording.

The only things I need right now is Album Art (any artists out there?), and opening and closing theme music. Now John’s working on a logo which we’ll be able to use for the Album Art on the cast and we have a Garageband Jingle for the opening and closing theme music for now but I’d prefer some Bear Made Music. As we develop the podcast, we may need some more jingles. I’m thinking about a Picks Segment if someone wants to make something for that. Just let us know.

Wow, that’s a lot of information. Thanks for staying with us and you’ll hear from us soon.