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COL404: Show Topic Not Found

In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs entertain a rousing topic. Want to find out what it is? Well, you’re just going to have to check it out for yourselves, huh? Listen in as the guys also discuss a slew of feedback we have received recently as we approach our 1000 followers on Facebook.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Getting stuff done . . . Kinda.
  • Damon: CMC Retreat
  • Chester: Post TCLW/Pre-Fur Flee, CLAW, and DF.
  • Gary: Time to get busy

Did I Do That?


Facebook Likes – 998!!

  • Brian Richards
  • Jed Powell
  • Joseph Swartz
  • Troy Sebastian Watt
  • Tom Vance
  • Phil Touchette
  • Matt Schenone
  • Kevin Doran
  • Hakeem Sahab
  • Sharon Sharon

Facebook Comment:

  • From Charles Waite – “Hey guys…love the podcast.  I’m listening to 399 about gaming and if you ever want to discuss that…I’m a huge gamer (all kinds).  I attend a board game convention each year called Geeky to the West.  I’ve also been on the planning committee for HiBearNation so I’ve been on both sides of a bear run.  Again love the show!”
  • From Alex Hardesty – “Ron (Ron Suresha of Bear Bones Books) heard your name mentioned on a recent Cubs Out Loud podcast…in a good way.”
  • From James Martin – “Hands down one of my favourite episodes yet! Keep it up!”
  • Message between Chester and Derek of MOTD RE: SP05
    “I normally listen to your podcasts when I’m at the gym. However, I put on the latest episode as I was getting changed and the imagery described on the first story I was seeing in front of me. Needless to say I had to hide for a bit before hitting the weight room.” also, “OMG… Kris (referring to massagekub) is so fucking hot!”

YouTube Subscribers:

  • Chris Amarello
  • Charles Hall

Liked our epsiode post CP05: Valentine’s Storytime 2017 Tweet

  • Mcmillenoakleyt

Twitter Followers:

Tumblr Followers:

Tumblr Message:

  • Between redcatdragon and GarBear73xxx:
    • Redcatdragon: And I love the podcast!
    • Garbear73xxx: You’re a listener?!?? Yay!!
    • Redcatdragon: Huge crushes on all you guys!
  • Xcubbyxbearx – “Thanks for the reblog! Been listening to you boys for quite some time… At least 7 years :)“
  • GBearTrekker65 – “Added some new sexy selfies to my page!”

Tumblr Comment:

  • AChub117 re: SP05. “I look forward to starting my week with it””
  • Rockcub re NAB Pic: “Hey I know that bear”
  • Hadrian re: SP05 “Thank you COL for letting me sauce these stories with my voice once again! Hugs!”
  • Rotundaplomb re: SP05 “I have never prepped for listening to a podcast like I am now…” w/ follow-up “That voice! Rivals even the great Roman Mars for sex appeal…”
  • ne-plus-ultra-bears said: WOW! Now that’s what I call a special Valentine’s Day gift!!                            

In-person: Brock Humes – “I had to stop listening to the podcast at work because I laugh to much and it causing a commotion.”

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • Scrotus: Acronym for So-Called Ruler of the United States, as in POTUS, President of the United States.
    • SCROTUS today said, “See you in court.”

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