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The Chasee  Becomes the Chaser….

Tony Statue 2 I had gastric bypass in 2003. I went from almost 470 to 325 – a loss of 145 lbs. Or, as my former boss in Boston said, “A Backstreet Boy”. Since that time I’ve gained back about 30 pounds, mainly from not walking everywhere like I did in Boston, but also the abundance of Mexican food. sepia tony Owning a car and being within a 5-minute drive of about a dozen excellent taquerias has proven to be my downfall. I bring up all this not to toot my own horn, but to lead into a sort of paradigm shift I’ve been experiencing over the past few years.

All of my life I have never really had a “type” that I was more physically attracted to – – speaking purely to physical attraction alone, I am drawn to a wide variety of shapes/skin colors/ethnicities. In all my past relationships, though, all of my partners have been considerably smaller than myself.  (Picture a Great Dane dating a minature Greyhound).  Until recently I had never given thought to considering another chubby bear in anything other than a strictly plutonic way.  Within the past two to three years, though, I am increasingly attracted to men more like myself in stature. I have come to appreciate what only chasers have experienced with a big bear. chubby bear1Having always been liberal and open-minded when it comes to one’s attractions, I probably should not be as surprised as I when I get turned on by a guy with a huge, hairy belly or thick, chunky legs.   calvin klien reality for men

Now I will always be attracted to the muscle cub/runner/body builder types, and yes, even some twinks. But it’s a wonderful thing to get aroused by a big hairy bear or chub – as I said earlier – an interesting paradigm shift…….

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What 8 Years Will Do

The Bear HandbookI mentioned this book in the Pilot Episode of the Cubs Out Loud Podcast. Years ago I bought this book as I started learning about the Bear Community. I have to say that the Bear Handbook was a great representation of what Bears are all about. As Ray Kampf explains in his introduction, this book was not to be taken seriously. However there is truth in those lies. I had loaned my Bear Handbook to a friend of mine several years back and didn’t get it back before he moved from the Twin Cities. I just recently bought the book again and am reading it. Knowing what I know about the Bear Community now, the book is out of date. When the author primary refers all his bear brethren to the BML, Resources for Bears, and talks about Bear Magazine and American Bear as the Bear Magazines, you know there needs to be a volume 2. Technology has grown to encompass more options for the bear community. This includes the many podcasts like mine, the “New” bear sites, bear runs, club mailing list, text messaging, chat clients. I may sound like I’m bashing The Bear Handbook, but I cannot give it anything lower than a 5. For the year 2000 for which this book was published, it was a wonderful representation of the time. Now if only Ray would write an updated version. If you’re a bear, cubs, otter, chaser, et al, you should get this book and have it in your archive.


Welcome to the Cubs Out Loud Blog, A Bear Blog of Indeterminate Length. Gradually here we will be expanding to have many Cub/Bear/Chub/Chaser bloggers to join us in our Blogging Endeavor and eventually we’ll have a podcast for you all. I hope you all will enjoy it. We’ll get some blogger profiles up soon so stay tuned. Most likely we won’t get fully kicking until the New Year but we’ll get something out.