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It’s that time of year again – Texas Bear Roundup, sponsored by the Dallas Bears. I have one friend from out-of-town who is attending with a group of friends, all of whom are virgins to bear runs. I’ve asked them to recap their experience afterwards. I want to hear that they have to say.

I’m no bear run junkie, but I have been to a few – Bear Pride in Chicago, Bears on Liberty in Philadelphia, Bear Bust in Orlando, BearWatch in Galveston, and yes, TBRU – in 2004. Other than BearWatch, I’ve not been to any other bear runs in the past four years. Regarding TBRU, though,  I’ve heard various opinions about the ‘quality’ and ‘value’ of this event – some good, some not-so-good. As we’ve come to learn on the BearWatch committee, it is impossible to please everyone, and you’ll always have nay-sayers in every similar event. I’ve deliberately chosen not to attend TBRU this year primarily because I have no interest in such events anymore. “But BigHoustonBear- how can you say that, when you are a co-chair on the BearWatch committee?” Easy – I’ve been to BearWatch as a non-member of Houston Area Bears, as a member, and now as a Board Member of HAB. I recognized just how much work goes into such an event, and wanted to give something back to this organization by actually working the event, rather than just attending (and trust me, it is WORK!).  I’ve had to remind my on-line friends who say “Wow – sure hope to see you at BearWatch! *WINK WINK*”. that there will be very little “play” time for me – and I am perfectly OK with that. I’ve had my fun; now it’s time to help make it fun for others.

I’m very anxious to know what my Bear-Run-Virgin friends think of their experience at TBRU – I promise to give you an update when they return.


tbrulogo We just started up and now comes a major decision in my life. TBRU or not TBRU? That is the question. Tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and lubrication . . . . okay so that isn’t working. In any case, as of today there is only only more days to register for TBRU and get the run package at $90. The TBRU website is stating that the host hotel is already full, but one overflow hotel is just on the other side of the parking lot and the other is only a block away so register and get your hotel rooms now. The only problem now is to figure out if I should go or not.

Anyone want to buy me a Black Macbook?