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COL328: Power Hour 3: Jeff’s 35th Birthday Power Hour

COL328In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we celebrate host and producer Jeff’s birthday by bringing back yet ANOTHER Power Hour! We are joined by several special guests, including Drew, Shutter, Musicbear Tony Banks, and the cubs Rich & Vince (plus a house party of pups and cubs). With good intentions, the Cubby Dozen proceeds to have an incredible hour of crazy, legal, and live debauchery.


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COL317: TTO: Summer Nights

COL317In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another This, That, or Other Tumblr show! We’re honoring the start of summer with some sizzling hot choices. Whether by the beach or by the pool, the cubs splash in the summer fun. Also, we talk about Pride Month and other plans for the rest of the summer

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – 6/10 Mythic
  • Damon – Holy Plumbing Nightmares, Batman!!
  • Gary – Pride and Prejudice

Did I Do That?

  • Gary – H&B Sandwich


Facebook Likes:

  • Javier Lord Sunshine Rosauro Barreiro
  • Mike Baer
  • Steven D. Smith

Urbandictionary with Gary


  • Getting an instant erection when summer vacation begins.

Ex. Adam got an summerection when the school bell rung and summer vacation began.

Weekly Topic

Summer – Tumblr TT



Discussion of our plans for pride, the season, and fave activities.

Cooldown Topics


  • [Damon] – KUNG FURY Official Movie

  • [Gary] – THICK THIGHS by Willam feat. Latrice Royale

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COL294: F***, F$%^, F*&$ity, F$#%: The Best of 2014!

COL294On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, with the new year dawning, the cubs reminisce on the year of 2014. We discuss what we liked as the best episodes, our favorites of COL, and also the highlights of our year. Laugh along with us as we reprise our favorite moments from the year.

What’s Going On?

  • [Jeff] – Christmas and lack of work
  • [Damon] – Compliments from Strangers and NYE Plans
  • [Gary] – NY Vaca


BU Comments for 293:

  • Johnny Sin

Gabe is the bald bearded one right?  So fuckin sexy

  • CypanArc

Eye glasses with beard. Perfect

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  • Bruiser Wolf Sussex
  • Keith Goshagar
  • Loren Pup Atlas Leonard
  • Matthew Temple
  • Tony Emling

Weekly Topic

Best of 2014 – recap episode: Cover all the usual categories, add a few fun others like best run, best trick, best thing to happen to you in 2014, etc.

COL Moments:

Favorite COL Topic of 2014:

  • [Jeff] – COL275: Power Hour 2 – Jeff’s Birthday Bash

Favorite Link/Pick/Tumblr of 2014:

  • [Gary] – COL244, Jan 12’14 [first episode of the new year] onfire40 comment: to our pick of him for Tumblr. “Cubs Out Loud. Very touched and flattered you guys thought I was hot. My name is Marc and I live in Montreal, Qc. That’s right. French Canadian bear! Lol. You guys totally rock. Gonna make a special pic just for you guys! Cheers boys! Xxxx” which resulted in the infamous underwear with our name on it pic.

Most Downloaded Episode of COL 2014:

Best Thing to Happen to You in 2014:

  • [Jeff] – My Raid Team
  • [Damon] – House Plans
  • [Gary] – Weddings: H/T, R/V

Best Trick:

  • [Jeff] – Mike
  • [Damon] – LA via Portland
  • [Gary] – Indy

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