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COL334: I’m Comin’ Out

COL334In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we celebrate National Coming Out Day! To honor the day, we share our insights on coming out and also provide some terminology that will give you LIFE!

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Nothing
  • Damon – Cold Snaps Suck!
  • Gary – Fall Is Here and Kilts!

Urbandictionary with Gary

NCOD – abbreviation of national coming out day

i can’t wait till NCOD so i can tell my family i’m gay

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COL326: TTO: Spit, Swallow, Swish

COL326In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another This, That or Other! This time around we focus on blowjobs and cum and whether or not we (or they) spit, swallow or well….you’ll see.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff – Windows 10 and Legion Hype
  • Damon – New RPG
  • Gary – Final Bear Camping Weekend


Facebook Likes:

  • Jordan Johnson

YouTube Subscribers

  • Comicfan1023

Urbandictionary with Gary

  • spit and quit – When you’re too drunk to cum, you pull out and spit while moaning(from behind).

Cal: I was wasted, couldn’t blow a load so I gave her the spit and quit so I could go to sleep.

Weekly Topic

Tumblr TTO




Honorable Mentions

Cooldown Topics


  • Jeff – Mostly Walking

  • Jeff – First Raid Kill Video I recorded

  • Jeff – Heroic Archimonde Kill

  • Damon – Drag Queens React to Straight Porn

  • Gary – Brewing with Wil Wheaton on Brewing TV – Part 1

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COL196: Bossy Ass Bitch!

Gary_SmileIn today’s episode of Cubs Out Loud, Gary now joins us as the token bottom. YEY! And the guys ponder the question, “Does it get better?” We give our own answers and ask for yours. Then, we laugh at closeted clergymen, bad grammar, and gay bear rappers.

So what the F did you do this week?


  • John Wood from Facebook

“Found ya’ll thru bearunderground today. Love y’all some furry fun happening. Got something to do on Sunday other than be lazy, and flip thru rerun’s on tv. I laughed and Begs and Achin’ for more. Lol.”

Facebook: John Ken Wood, Bret Alessi, Marvin Weinstock, Rusty Lockett, Mike Rogers, Steve Witzberger, Richard Borkovec, Michael West, Bill Hopbell, Peter Wright, Randy Sams, Garth Jensen, Wayne Steele, Bill Stella
Tumblr: N/A
Bear Underground: none
Google+: Jorge Martinez, Allen Mick

Ben’s Bitch of the Week: The Price Of Parking At A Public University!
Damon The Boy:
Jeff’s Movie Moment:
Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures


[Robert] Does it get better? Life in general does it get better? Why does it seem like hardships, regardless of type/topic, always keep someone down?

This Weeks Poll: Does it get better? Yes, No, Sometimes, Depends on you, Other

Last Week’s Poll: Best Breakfast After A One Night Stand?


  • HUGE Western omelet
  • Beggs and Acon
  • Bacon bacon and more bacon. And them some bacon.
  • A Hot Pocket, to go!
  • cum with my bacon & eggs
  • Sausage. Too Bad He Didn’t measure up!


  • Chris Nelson – Bacon and Egg Sandwiches!
  • Ms Tammy – Biscuits, milk gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee and OJ. What?? Southern girls eat real food.
  • David Swim – What, no home fries?
  • Joey – Penis and then a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich.
  • Chris Nelson – Bacon and egg sandwich, for the road!
  • John Clizbe – Penis and Pork Roll sound like the same things. If it was a good night, I’d suggest going out to eat lunch somewhere. Have never had an ONS where we got out of bed in time for breakfast.
  • Jay Clark – Just coffee is good. Served in bed and naked cuddling and talking is better!

Love On Craigslist – Bringing The Best Of Love And Lust To You!

  • Ben: Wanna Feel Slurpee on your pee-pee
  • Damon: Bra and Panties for you
  • Eric: Jesus wants you to sex me
  • Gary: Married Bi Christians or Clergy on the DownLow


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