Bloggers Wanted

While soliciting for some contributors to the Cubs Out Loud blog I got a great questions of what I’m looking for for contributors.

What I’m looking for on the Cubs Out Loud site is a One Stop Bear Shop for the entire bear community. We’re looking for bears to provide insight and news from all over the country, heck we’d expand to all over the world. This information would also be a little bit of a focus with the podcast we’re planning to get with the same name. What we’re looking for bears to help contribute to the blog to feature announcements from their area and even give a article about how a special bear event or bear run went. Or any other content he thinks would be appropriate for the Blog.

I hope this clarifies everything for everyone. You can email us at if you have any questions.

2007 Best of Bears

Bear Bones, the blog for the Complete Bear, is now reporting the results of the voting for the 2007 Best of the Bears. Some highlights:

Best Bear Website –

Best Bear Podcast – Bearpodcast

Best Bear Porn Site – Bear Films

Best Bear Run – International Bear Rendezvous

Best Bear Publication – TIED – 100% Beef/A Bear’s Life

Best Bear Resource –

Best Bear Performer – Kendall

Check out the full list here.

Austin Musician Gets In The Top Ten In The Austin Chronicle

Great news can be found on Nakia’s website tonight. The Austin local was ranked in the top ten musicians by Margert Moser in the Austin Chronicle. Now is the time for voting for the Chronicle’s Music Poll. Check out that needs to be done at Nakia’s site and also who to vote for. If you haven’t heard Nakia and his Southern Cousins, just check out the video I posted a few days ago, check out his videos on YouTube, or better yet, go see him TONIGHT at Ego’s Lounge here in Austin. $5 cover for a great show. I know I’ll be there. Check out everything Nakia here.

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