Become A Learned Gay

When I ventured over to bTALK, home to our beloved bTALKers, today I found a link to this story. One section of University of Michigan’s English 317 course is going to be “How to be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation.” taught by Instructor David Halperin ( Apparently, it’s not enough to be a gay male. Apparently, there is a couple of things we need to learn. I don’t know about you but this just seems wrong. What even sounds worse is the whole “Initiation” portion:

His three course angles include: (1) gay initiation “as a sub-cultural practice”; (2) gay initiation “as a theme in gay male writing”; and (3) gay initiation “as a class project, since the course itself will constitute an experiment in the very process of initiation that it hopes to understand.”

Umm, this just doesn’t sound good.

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