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If you watch the most wanted gadgets on Tom’s Top 5 or the most popular gadgets on CNET’s Top 5, you will find that the most popular items to have or want is a smartphone.  Android is everywhere but the iPhone is still on top.  What’s a bear to do with these phones?  There’s of course Grindr and the new Scruff App but that’s not available on all phones.  When in doubt, it’s always good to hit up the web on these phones and access the bear site that you’re already on.

Most bears are already on Bear411.  Fortunately Buddybear Greg has graciously provided for this members a mobile version of the site.  Let’s take a look at what it looks like on both an Android and iPhone.

CAP201007291353 IMG_0001

Hmm, okay, so we have to hit to get to the mobile version of the site. Or you could just browse directly there.

CAP201007291351 IMG_0002

Okay got the login, nice and simple.  It’s looking a little antiquated but hey, its perfectly functional despite it’s Web 1.0 look.  Time to log in.

CAP2010072913511 IMG_0006

Again, simple yet functional.

CAP2010072913551 IMG_0003

Oh look!

Mr. Kim: You got a message.
Korben Dallas: Yeah
Mr. Kim: You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.

Oh sure.

CAP201007291356 IMG_0004

Hey, this looks familiar.  Well, it’s not the bottom that keeps thinking about me.  This looks like the regular Bear411 Chat box without Webcam image ability.  Well, I’m going to shoot him a message back with an emoticon.

CAP2010072913561 IMG_0005

The emoticon windows looked to be handled differently between Android (left) and the iPhone (right).  I’m actually liking the iPhone handling better.  Let’s check out our Pal Lists

CAP201007291355 IMG_0007

You can switch between your online, offline, and refused contacts. And below that you have images of people who have recently viewed your profile.  Let’s check out who’s online.

CAP201007291358 photo

Hmm, I can see more men on the iPhone verses Android.

In the end Bear411 Mobile is a very functional version of the site for chat.  However, there isn’t anyway to take a look at someone’s profile.  All you can do is send them a chat message.  I’ll just give it a Meh, it’s alright but not attractive at all.  Come on, Greg!  Bring the site into the 2010’s and show us an attractive site.  Either that, or quit.

Okay, I have two questions, 1) Who uses the notes feature on Bear411?  Leave a comment.

CAP201007291357 IMG_0008

and 2) What do you think of the Bear411 Mobile Site?

3 thoughts on “The Mobile Bear: Bear411”

  1. I usually use the notes to write down the real first name of some of my contacts when it’s not visible on their profile (yes some of them put silly things instead :)).
    Regarding the mobile app, it’s ok. I would say rather basic but it does the minimum we could ask for such an application.

  2. I have been TRYING AND TRYING to get in touch with ANYONE from this site.….Not even the decency to reply back. I have an angry Ex that hacked into my account and I’m now blocked. For Content Filtering? Don’t even know what that is.. I have tried many times but no answer and is still blocked. I am a brand new paying customer here and now I see my money just running out day by day… Anyone know how to fix this. Greg from the sites email isn’t even valid and keeps returning to me…I’ve tried everything. The BBB next!

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