COL440: The Klondykes

On this episode of Cubs Out Loud, we are joined by Courtney Chesser aka “Mama Bear”. Courtney is the Producer of the ‘Not Your Average Bear Contest’ and the creator of the Klondykes. Listen in as Chester, Gary, and Jeff learn about Courtney’s unique upbringing and how she built a space within the local bear community where all are welcome.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Extra Life, a return to Stardew Valley, and the pup who joined my “pack”
  • Chester: Interview, Fuck Body Shaming, Pics w/ Dozor
  • Gary: 48 hour quickie
  • Courtney: Fuck Body Shaming, Ramping up to NYABC


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  • Jeff really enjoys this art. 
  • Would you look at that bear? Woof!
    • Michael Edwards: Yay Tom!
    • Tom Conquergood👋
      • Gary: Well hello there cutie Tom!
      • Jeff: BTWs, I swear it’s not a thirst friend request.
      • Tom Conquergood:😘
    • Brian J Dilks: Your awesome Tom!

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Courtney Chesser and the Klondykes



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One thought on “COL440: The Klondykes”

  1. This comment is for anyone who may have felt “uncomfortable” with last week’s topic. My name is James Butterfield, and I am the 2017 Klondykes Glitter Bear, of which I am EXTREMELY proud. If anyone would have any questions about Klondykes, my title, or my own thoughts on this inclusion, please feel free to contact me. But be warned, I will protect my bear sisters as a mama bear protects her cubs. The bear community to me is a place of inclusion, acceptance for all body types. ANY language or comments that negate that completely destroy any sense of family for me. A comment was made of my pictures from the contest. One about me being “dolphin smooth”. I had a reason for not having my beard during the month of October, but what this person missed were my many other profile pics clearly showing my apparently requisite facial fur. And to his other comment – his fear more offensive comment, he made that one in his first message, NOT in response to me. I chose the high ground, didn’t sink to his level, but now something in me wishes I did.
    I will repeat that if anyone has any questions, I am always willing to talk. Thank you to COL and the hosts for bringing this topic to the masses, and being so positive about it. I believe that the only way we can effect change is through education. Clearly we have a long way to go. I will use my title year to provide that education. I look forward to soreading my message of peace, love, and inclusion to the world.
    Reapectfully submitted,
    James Butterfield, 2017 Klondykes Glitter Bear

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