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COL373: TTO: By the Numbers

lucy-me-bears-birthday-numbers-years-1-2-3-1982-set-of-3-porcelain-figurines-4e4900bab33e9029b8c2f330fe7f7fa4In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s another This, That or Other. As easy as 1-2-3, the guys do this one by the numbers. Are you a single fella, ready for two, or happy with a menage a trois? Count on the guys to give you the digits.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?

  • Jeff: Turtles and Meatloaf
  • Damon: #pornscenario/Housewarming
  • Gary: Summer Cookin’ and Dogfather Status Achieved


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  • Randall Stratton good episode..and of course i had to comment keep up the good works


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Urbandictionary with Gary

sexual equinox: It’s the point in your life at which your age matches your number of sexual partners.

  • Bro 1: Dude I just had an amazing weekend.
  • Bro 2: Why? What happened?
  • Bro 1: I hit my sexual equinox.
  • Bro 2: Bro, that’s amazing, especially at 45.

Weekly Topic

TTO: By the Numbers




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COL315: OTR – Interview with Hadrian and Bailey Part One

COL315In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, Gary took some time out from his holiday weekend trip in Orlando, FL to visit COL’s recurring guest host Hadrian and his partner Bailey. They talk about their personal history, learning about bears, and what brought them together as a couple. Then it’s all about whether or not technology today is being used to network or just hook up and porn.

Weekly Topic

Hadrian and Bailey

Hadrian’s Tumblr Account

COL Episode 233 (Hadrian’s first show on Cubs Out Loud)

Hadrian’s First Porn Site:

Hadrian’s XTube Profile

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COL312: Didn’t Momma Teach You Better?

11212651_971669752844364_8840089106541177168_oIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the cubs take a little time to thank their mothers for what they taught them. THEN, we move on to a topic of much recent debate in the bear community: the necessity of play spaces. Listen in as the cubs deliberate this hot button topic as well as their take on bear runs.

Introduction Topics

What’s Going On?


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MarcDurivage (onfire40):

“Hey sweetness! Wanted to thank you for the wonderful privilege and compliment of being picked for your daddy pic on the latest COL. One day I’m gonna hug you SO hard. Big hugs. Hope you have an awesome day. Xx”

Vince Dragulin:

LMFAO! #Predictable. Oh Damon.

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refapatory period: Combination of “fapping” and “refractory period.” The refractory period is the recovery time during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have another orgasm. The refapatory period, therefore, is the recovery time during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have another orgasm by fapping.

Example: Lowering one’s refapatory period can be a good hobby.

Weekly Topics

Happy Mama’s Day! [last year’s episode #260]

NAB Poll Discussion re; ‘slut shamming’ vs. purpose of playspace

Also bear run types; camping weekends vs social events vs bear title contest

Cooldown Topics

I’ll Tumbl For You:


  • [Jeff] – Tabeltop: Concept

  • [Gary] – 90s Disney by Todrick Hall

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COL284: It’s a Shady Halloween, Charlie Brown!

trick-or-treat-bear-costumesIn this episode of Cubs Out Loud, it’s a SHAAAAADY Halloween, Charlie Brown! The guys reminisce about their childhood Halloween memories and discuss/bitch about the way Halloween is now. We also get into costume parties, transporting, scary movies and helicopter parenting. So grab your pillowcases and flashlights and listen in.

What’s Going On?

  • [Gary] – It’s for charity!
  • [Damon] – The Chocolates

Did I Do That?




Anonymous said: I just listened to episode 251 and think you guys should ask who on the panel is your type?

Anonymous said: Have you ever had any accidents during blowjobs? What was the worst?

Anonymous said: This is with respect to the next episode: What are some nonlube, perhaps edible, things you’ve used during oral that both the giver and the receiver enjoyed? (whipped cream, syrup, etc.)

fierybiscuts said: I recently found out aboot your podcasts and they are super entertaining. I love listening to them :3

arrogator said: Hey guys. Love your podcast. We need to get together and do a video Cubs Out Loud/Underbears Podcast one of these days. 😉

Underbears Podcast:

Anonymous said: I hate to be too forward, but everytime I see Gary I find myself feeling a little flustered! Big hugs to everyone involved in the podcast!

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Paul1313 said: I meant to say I love your shirt..thumbs up.


  • Steve Zacharias

Weekly Topic

Tricks are for Kids, Treats are for Adults – A comparative analysis of our views of Halloween in our adolescence versus our views upon reaching adulthood.


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Bears from Celluloid Simple on Vimeo.

  • [Gary] Please Go Home

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